Artist's Statements

FRAGILITY by Sarah Ducker

“ New creatures whirl in form non-existence,
Galaxies scattered around their feet”


Standing quietly on an ancient mountain in New Zealand, I looked down and discovered quite unexpectedly, such delicacy on the ground.  
In the seemingly bleak tundra, little parcels of exquisite beauty.
I wondered how such infinite fragility could survive in such a hostile environment?
By staying close to the ground out of the wind. A metaphor for life.
I felt a duty of care to our precious earth and that my photographs must capture the feeling, mood and atmosphere of the experience, to connect deeply to our inner lives.

GRATITUDE by Sarah Ducker

“The soul wants to walk in that
cleansing air and not come back”


When I was in Byron Bay I saw these wondrous creations on the beach made by crabs, silt and algae.
But I had to act quickly.  The morning joggers, oblivious to their beauty, were trampling all over them.
It was a clear metaphor for the cavalier destruction we wreak on the environment.
In our struggle to survive the day, in our battle to manage our lives, we can neglect to enjoy that which surrounds us.
And if you cannot see, you will not know,
If you do not know, you will not care.
In nature, I descend into a quiet place where all activity ceases.
I spend time in the landscape, in the light and dark, silence and sound, heat and cold. 
Perhaps my photographs can transport you for a moment into that space and elicit from you  a desire to enter the landscape, to reside quietly with nature from time to time.